I came back naked from Turkey + Interview “FATality” project

Am plecat în Turcia înfofolită până peste cap și m-am întors total dezbrăcată, nu de haine, ci de prejudecăți.

I went to Turkey shoved up and I returned completely naked, not from clothes, but prejudices.

[RO] Deși se știe că au probleme politice interne, că sunt musulmani (iar musulmanii sunt răi, după cum spun unii) și că femeile nu au prea multe de spus, am plecat în proiectul Erasmus + cu încredere.

Singurul stres mai important a fost legat de ce haine să pun în bagaj pentru a evita anumite discuții pe stradă și pentru a nu fi judecată dacă port pantaloni scurți sau fuste.

[EN] Although they are known to have internal political problems, they are Muslim (and Muslims are bad, as some say) and women do not have much to say, I went to the Erasmus + project with confidence.

The only important stress was about what clothes to put in my baggage to avoid some street talk and not to be judged if I wear shorts or skirts.

Cu expecția momentelor în care am fost la plajă :)). #NiveaRomania

[RO] În ciuda lucrurilor care ne sunt băgate în cap la televizor sau pe internet, turcii au fost preferații mei și am cunoscut oameni calzi, primitori, deschiși și inteligenți.

Cu expecția șoferilor care sunt niste bezmetici și nu opresc la trecerile de pietoni nici să-i pici cu ceară.

[EN] Despite the things that are being put on our heads on television or on the Internet, Turkish people were my favorites and I met warm, welcoming, open and intelligent people.

Except for the drivers who are brainless and do not stop at the pedestrian crossings neither if you put wax on them.

What is volunteering about? Find out in this video:

[RO] Mâncarea lor m-a dat pe spate și am scris deja despre cât de mult mi-a plăcut și sunt fericită pentru că și noi le-am arătat ce ne place nouă cel mai mult să mâncăm vara în România, adică telemea de oaie de la Delaco cu roșii.

[EN] Their food blew me away and I already wrote about how much I liked it and I’m happy because we also showed them what we like the most to eat in summer in Romania, that is white cheese from Delaco and tomatoes.


[RO] Proiectul FATality din Corlu, Turcia, a fost despre modurile în care poți avea un stil de viață sănătos și așa cum încerc să îmi fac un obicei in proiecte, am cerut un înterviu.

De data aceasta am ales doar răspunsurile care mi s-au părut relevante. Le găsiți mai jos în ordinea primită, doar în engleză.

[EN] The FATALITY project from Corlu, Turkey, was about the ways you can have a healthy lifestyle, and as I try to make a habit in projects, I asked for an interview.

This time I chose only the answers that look relevant to me. You can find below in the order that I received, only in English.

Work out for a healthy life.

Read this article about Portugal in case you don’t know what is Erasmus + about.

The questions were:

♥ Which is your dream life?

✈ In how many youth exchange projects have you been and how they changed your life?


Osman Taha Celik – Turkey

♥ My grandpa was a real Prince of Danishmend and I would like to be like him, but now we have more powerful republic so I can’t. My dream life now is to be knowledge in a lot of areas.

✈This is my first project and it is too early to say this, but here I’ve met a lot of friends, sisters and brothers. Every person means a world to Every world has its own culture.


Gozde Bodur – Turkey

♥ My dream is traveling a lot, learning English very well and being a good lawyer who defends women rights.

✈This is my second projects and I know some bad words from different countries and how to don’t judge others. I realized that I have some prejudges about other that are not true. I’ve got a lot of friendship from this project.

Oguzhan Gumus – Turkey

♥ My dream life is to spend the rest of my life in Japan.

✈This is my 3rd When I have the Erasmus plus opportunity I was so happy because I knew that something great was about to happen and I’ve found an opportunity to be friend with the people all around the world.

I realized that friendships are very important to me and I’m still talking with some of my friends that I’ve met other projects.

Maria Nikolova – Bulgary

♥ My dream life is that me and my family to be happy and healthy. I want to be a good doctor and my future family to be close to each other.

✈This is my second project and I thinks that those projects made me grow a little more. I like that I can be myself and share my thoughts without thinking that I’ll be judged.

It’s cool that you meet people from different countries with different cultures but we share the same ideas and we become

Arsenii Tarasov – Ukraine

♥ I would like to work with coffee more and to improve in this occupation, I am satisfied with everything else.

✈This is my first project and what I can say now is that people here are very open to communication. When you get a lot of good vibes you improve yourself and your mood gets better, this is the way I feel.

Most of the people are pretty active and it is good because they inspire me to do more about here and in general.

Yaren Cay – Turkey

♥ In my dream life, after faculty of law, I would like to be a director (at the same time).

✈This is my first kind of project and even for just a week I already miss them. Freedom is so important for me and here I saw freedom and all our problems are because of freedom.

In this project we are world’s mirror and we represent all people here. “Finally, life is short and birds are flying.”

Miray Yilmaz – Turkey

♥ I want to be a successful lawyer and I want to be a help for unfaired people in my case.

✈This is my first project and I’ve learned different cultures and it seems I can travel all around the world. I am so happy here, we are fairly funny.

Izel Sahin – Turkey

♥ My biggest dream is riding my own dragon lol 😛 If we turn to real life, I want to be a full-time traveller (that doesn’t need to work for money 🙂 ).

✈I had been in 2 youth exchange projects. Both of them affected me a lot, but only in a positive way! After them, I am a more open-minded person, I know a lot of things from different cultures and I am curious for more.

The best part is I have a lot of new friends from different countries, we shared lots of unforgettable memories. Also these exchanges gave me the opportunity to travel different countries and I appreciate it!

Mehmet Erdin – Turkey

♥ It’s a very difficult question to answer. I didn’t think that far but I like to grow with technology. I want a high-tech house with a large garden. I also want a daughter. I think that’s all.

✈ I’ve been in only one. Thanks to that my life is more boring now. I had never so much fun in my life and my life feels monotonous. A soon as I came back, I searched for new projects.

I experienced many things that I could never imagine and I made great friends. I believe there is no greater way to get into new cultures.

Iosif – Macedonia

♥ My dream is to graduate asap and to become a lawyer. After I would like to open my own office and to work by myself.After that, I would like to marry the girl I love and to have a lot of children

✈ I’ve been in 2 exchange projects until now. The previous year I was in Hungary and I met a lot of good people who helped me to understand the point of life. Through many games I’ve learned about trust and loyalty. This year I was in Turkey.

My second exchange project where I had the chance to meet crazy friends and beautiful girls (one from Romania). On this project I had the chance to learn about FATality and the importance of eating healthy food. Also, how to be an active man, including sports activities, walking etc..


♥ My dream life for now is studying in other country and work in another country I want to travel everywhere in the world

✈I was on many projects for example in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Spain… From this projects I have a big experience.

We are collecting stories and memories from various participants… We learned about other cultures traditions.

Dimitrij Mihajlovski – Bulgary

♥ My dream life is pretty much straight forward and I’m living it and upgrading it as I go. Long story short: I always wanted to have a comic book company, where I can draw the stories that my best friend writes.

We had this idea when we were 14 years old and so far we have many publications and much more are to follow. You see, drawing is my passion and I don’t feel it as a work at all.

By the end of this year I plan to release an official website that will help our current Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/toxicomics/ in the promotion of the comic strip culture.

So far Toxic Comics studio is not yet a company but that will change within the next couple of years. We have the business plan ready.

✈ I’ve been in many youth exchanges. I volunteer since I was 10, first in my hometown’s NGO’s and then throughout Europe. On more of the occasions I was a trainer and/or facilitator while in others a group leader or participant mingling with my team and helping them out.

Since I’m an art teacher by study, the informal and non-formal learnings on the youth exchanges were quite a topic for me personally. Besides that, I met different opinions on many subjects that shook my beliefs on themes I thought I’m certain of.

It still is a rollercoaster of endless debates that I enjoy very much, even after the endings of the seminars.

Elina Salnyk – Ukraine

♥ I am looking for my way at that moment,  want to become a successful person, have my own business.

✈ FATality was my first project as a participant, before I only helped to organize some international project in my city, at AIESEC Organization.

But I hope to participate in other projects, have already applied for some, because it changed my way of thinking, priorities and showed more active lifestyle.

Oleg Sorotsynskiy – Ukraine

♥ I have only one dream for last 10 years – to buy Manchester United football club

✈ I have been on 8 youth exchange/ trainings for last 13 months. These projects totally changed my life. Now I know a lot about everything. I understand that I can do anything that I want. I feel more respect to other people and other cultures.

Tania Dudar – Ukraine

♥ My dream life is happy family; a job, that brings me development knowledge; traveling all around the world; communication with interesting people.

✈ I took part in 5 youth programmes (but only one of them was in the framework of Erasmus+). They gave me an opportunity to meet new people, develop my communicative skills, overcome some stereotypes.

I definitely can say that after these youth exchanges I became more open, confident, experienced. I started to take interest in the civic initiatives of my hometown and contribute to some of them.

Azad Babur – Turkey

♥ Actually l have a lot of plan for future but most probably, the most logical and realistic one is that l want to graduate with high score then l plan to go Dubai to work. Here l can establish my own construction company.

✈ I participated in one youth exchange project in Tekirdağ, this one. It was about obesity. I am not an overweight person, but l learned how l can help obese people and this is excellent because they need help.

I met a lot of people and the project helped me to develop my communication skills. Now l am aware of how important making exercise is and l explored a new city.

Botond Jeney – Romania

♥ My dream life now is to live in Turkey. To marry 4 Turkish women (just joking, one is enough) and just to settle there.

✈ I’ve been to 8 youth exchanges, and during them I’ve learned a lot of things. About myself, about people, about cultures. I could explain these things more detailed, but then it would be a whole novel :))

Urmeta Arifovska – Macedonia

♥ My life dream is to have safety life

✈ In more than 20 youth exchanges and they change most of my life, I learn more another culture in a positive way, I build my character and I met many people and now we are very good friends.

Anastasia – Ukraine

♥ I’m successful Ukrainian artist and owner of an art residence, I travel a lot, I communicate with different and interesting people a lot. And I have a friendly family (my husband and 2 children). We are living in the most beautiful and the coziest house in the world + we have a dog

✈ This one was the third YE in my life.I became more open-minded and self-confident. I met amazing people who inspired me a lot. I went out of my comfort zone. It’s totally changed my life in better way.

Great artist, right?

Cem Coskun– Turkey

♥ Dreamlife is traveling around the world and to discover new people and cultures. So learning new knowledge.

✈ I have been to 5 projects and I have forgotten all the stereotypes. And now I have so many nice friends from all around the world. And having good friends is pretty important to me.

So I could find the chance to know new cultures and new friends. Then, everything just got better and better.

Boryana Todorova – Bulgary

♥ In my dream life I do the things I love: write, travel and my work is related to human psychology. I’m surrounded by people I love and am full of passion for life. 😊

✈ I’ve been in 3 youth exchanges. They made me more free and brave and helped me get far outside of the box. Some of the people I met in youth exchanges will stay in my heart and in my life forever.

Daniel Nikolov – Bulgary

♥ I don’t dream about a lot of money, cars, things… It’s more simple and short. For me I want to be often on the mountain. I dream about real friendship, pure relationships – between all of the people, between me and my lovely people, about real unselfish LOVE.

✈ I’ve been only in one exchange project – in Chorlu, Turkey. It was may be one of the most important experiences in my life. I’ve realized, that I can speak, communicate and work with new people from others countries, cultures and in a different language, which I speak badly.

Now I I feel more relieved in my communication with the others and I’m so happy with this.

Nazar Roark – Ukraine

♥ My the greatest dream – to be happy ( so to means do everything that makes me happy, travels, art, adventures, and find a place where I would like to stop and live).

✈ I already participate in 3 youth exchanges and 1 training course, what can I say, it turned my life to another side, destroyed lots of my complexes, open lots beautiful people and places with own stories and experiences, I will never be that who I was before, it showed me what is more important thing in our life than just material things as money, clothes etc.

Even more I’m ready to live my work and go to one year as a volunteer. Probably I will do it next fall. I want to escape from the comfort zone. You grow just when you leave it and do New step to something outside.

Nazar, called also Jesus.


Ertan Derin – Turkey – Organizer and trainer

♥ I wanted to be lawyer and I did

✈ I joined +100 exchanges. I learn many things. They change my life and my vision. I get better to solve problems and finding solutions. I met many people from different country and I get all people are similar.

Gabriel Daradici – Romania

♥ I have a lot of dreams, but now I am focused on a dream that it seems impossible for me 4 years ago. I want to visit all the countries in the world. Till now I visited 15 countries in Europe and 3 states from the USA. Little by little I want to achieve this goal, others did it, so can I.

✈ I was in 4 projects and it helped me a lot. Now I can take the microphone and speak in front of people, I can sell my idea much efficient and I can work in a team much better. I learned a lot of skills that are not learned in school, skills that are very important in life.



Thank you for the memories!

Thank you, Zift Organization, for the project!

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