Interview “Opportunity” – lovely people from 6 countries.

Today is about them, my friends from “Opportunity” project.

I told you a few things about Erasmus + projects in other articles and I think that you realized that I enjoy going in this kind of experiences, but I am not the only one who loves to travel and to learn new things in a special way. In the “Opportunity” project – Portugal – I wanted to play the role of a journalist so I took a short interview to every participant. I asked them two questions and I hope that their answers will convince you to go in one project because this is an experience that will change your life for sure.

I’m Cristina Militaru and I am from Romania (just in case you don’t remember ). I just want to say some organizational things that haven’t been said by the others:

 1.  In this kind of projects the money for the flight tickets are reimbursed until a certain amount fixed by the European Commission according to the number of kilometers between the hosting country and the sending one. Till now my tickets were cheaper than that limit.

 2. The accommodation and 3 meals per day are ensured by the hosting organization thanks to the budget they receive from the European Commission in order to develop the project.

3.  I’ve been in two projects and in both of them we had 2 extra trips in different cities so it means more traveling for us. Yeeey

4.  I know some people who came single but went home in a relationship so maybe you are still alone because you haven’t been in a project yet. Sometimes your soulmate can be just abroad.

So, let’s start

The questions are:
♥ Which is your dream life?
✈ Why do you recommend the youth exchanges?

Those are the answers in the order I took the interview:

MariaPia Napoletana – Italy

♥ I want to be the director of a museum.
✈ Because it is funny and you can acquire a lot of unusual competences.


Luigi Cronin – Italy

♥  Be a rich and famous actor.
✈ Because you have to stay in different places and build up projects with people of different countries.


Constantin Condrițchi – Romania

♥ I want to be an artist.
✈ It is a good way to meet people, their culture, their education and to be prepared for interaction with them in the future.



Damiana Sudano – Italy (EVS in Spain)

♥ I want to find a job who will let me travel.
✈ I would truly recommend youth exchanges in order to know different perspective, different lifestyle and to share life experiences of different type even if the topic of the exchange is not strictly related to your knowledge.




Simona Deneva – Bulgary

♥ I want to be the owner of a hostel and a restaurant.
✈ I recommend youth exchanges because they are changing your life. Erasmus + is giving the opportunity to develop different skills which will help you for your further professional life. For me, Erasmus + means not only friendship and knowledge – it is a way of living.



Denitsa Stancheva – Bulgary

♥ I want to develop myself in the public relations sphere and I wish to be surrounded by all of the people that I love.
✈ I recommend them because thanks to them we are meeting different people, cultures and values. They are bringing lifetime memories.



Andrea Sempere Corada – Spain

♥ To do a dance performance from the creation of the planet until the development of the human.
✈ Because you can make friends from other countries and learn about their lives.



Sabina Filip – Romania

♥ My dream is to have a happy and united family and having enough income and time to do all of our needs and pleasures. Also, I would like to work in international law.
✈ I recommend youth exchanges for every part of it, especially the multicultural environment and the informal education.



Simone Di Nuzzo – Italy

♥ Working in a big investment bank.
✈ Because you can open your mind and when you meet someone that maybe you’ll never meet again you can be more honest.


Evangelia Georgiou – Greece

♥ I would like to live in a place with sun all of the year, a lot of good friends and also working with kids and making them happy.
✈ Because it is a life experience. You can meet a lot of people all over the Europe, you gain more skills, you learn new things and you can see many new places.


Gavriil Karavasilis – Greece

♥ My dream life is to become a skilled and recognized linguistic writer. I would also like to become a professor in the same area.
✈ I recommend youth exchanges because they are an opportunity to meet people from different countries and know things about their culture, their way of living and it is an experience.




Epameinondas Tsokanos – Greece

♥ I want to create my own company in the field of electrical engineering, travel in many places and get in touch with a lot of different cultures.
✈ You meet people from different countries and different cultures. You also get out of your comfort zone.



Stefan Vitanov – Bulgary

♥ I want to be professional and financially independent. I want to develop tourism in Smolyan (my home city) and have my own house in the forest. I want to have 3 or 7 kids (also adopted ones).
✈ Because people can develop personally. This way they can see things about other countries in a better way. Also, they can improve their skills. I highly recommend youth exchanges to everyone that have never been in one.




Florentina Constantin – Romania

♥ I want me and my family to be healthy, to be all together, to have a house near the sea, to have a business of my own so I can be financially independent and happy.
✈ Because it is an amazing opportunity of getting to know another different cultures, languages, countries and landscapes.



Jonas Martinez – Spain (Coordinator)

♥ Creating the opportunity for the youngsters to access a big network who will open their mind to share the experiences and improve or try to exploit more resources they have in their countries.
✈ An opportunity to explore yourself and develop your skills and competences. For sure your life will change.



Stefania Tudorache – Romania (Trainer)

♥ The most important is to be able to open an educational center in which to apply the methods of non-formal education in order for the children to develop their skills and competences that will really be useful for them in a practical way, not only theoretical.

In the same time, I would like this educational center to be a social business meaning that not only the workers will be people with different needs such as difficulty in integrating into the labor of market or different disabilities that are willing to overcome their condition.

I truly believe that the educational system nowadays needs a boost in order to be efficient and useful in the personal and professional development of the children and youngsters.
✈ Firstly, I recommend it because of my personal experiences. My first experience was 3 years ago and since then my life totally changed.

I feel like in the last 3 years thanks to all the projects that I was involved, eighter as a participant or as a trainer, I have learned many more things that in all the years of formal education.

In my opinion, youth exchanges are a life changing experience because getting out of your comfort zone is actually where the learning process happens. You get to know a lot of inspiring people and different cultures without feeling the pressure of being tested for the knowledge you get during youth exchange.


Ivan Stankov – Bulgary

♥ I want to develop my software company and educational center. I wanna make a consortium of several companies which will help each other.
✈ You can meet a lot of new people from different countries and you’ll understand their culture, you’ll see different places and different ways of thinking about a specific problem. You gain knowledge about a topic and you can improve your language skills and the other competences like working in a team, presentation skills etc.



Giulia Gringiani – Italy

♥ My dream life is to live in a country with different society than our, with no capitalism, where nobody cares about money and they are helping each other; living in a simple way. I would like to live in a place in which nobody works for money but for barter. The only important thing is the smile of the other.
✈ To meet people from the other countries and share different point of view to can see the things from the other side. To relax your mind from the everyday life.




Myrto Efstathiou – Greece

♥ My dream is to be a psychologist in a big institution specialized to some disadvantaged groups and I want traveling to be a big part of my life.
✈  This is my first exchange and I recommend it because I’ve met new people and cultures and my horizons regarding education have been broadened.




Daniel Mem – Spain (Trainer)

♥ I want to be very old with a big white beard and grandchildren over and a lot of books.
✈ Because it is a way to get out of your box.



Javier Rodriguez Lizcano – Spain (Coordinator)

♥ I want to live in Ibiza because I’ve been there a lot of times and I like the people, the beaches and the food that I’ve found there.
✈ It is a good experience and till now I’ve been in 20 projects. I like this kind of experiences because now I know a lot of cultures, I’ve improved my english and I’ve been traveling. It is my passion and through it, I’ve made friends in a lot of countries.


Daniel Llamanzares – Spain (Coordinator)

♥ I want to work for a company in the department Corporate Social Responsible, traveling and developing the projects in the company. I would also like to have a family and I want to live abroad Europe doesn’t matter if it is Asia or South America. I would like to have a group of friends for different cultures.
✈ I recommend youth exchanges as a tool to open your mind, grow yourself, meet new people, learn about different cultures and create connections that will enforce the future of our society.



Eleni Pistola – Greece

♥ My dream life is to travel alone all over the world or to have a big and happy family.
✈ Because is a unique experience to learn about other cultures and people but the most important is that you learn better yourself.





Miguel Barros – Portugal (Host)

♥ My dream life is that all the people to believe in European Citizenship.

✈ Youth Exchanges connect people and countries and made the real Citizenship happened.



Anais Demeersseman – French (EVS in Spain)

♥ Spiritually: The most important thing is to live every moment with attention. I would like to find peace on myself and know myself perfectly at the end of my life.

On a professional level, I would like to evolve as a project manager,  to write and implement projects to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, especially young people in precarious situations. To finish I should develop my English language skills and my level in Spanish.

On the personal level: to get married and to have children, a house in a city that corresponds to me and of course to have money. Travel to discover the diversity and beauty of the world.

✈ I recommend exchanges for a multitude of reasons:

– Open-mindedness

– Personal and pro network

– Discover different cultures

– To gain autonomy

– It’s an enriching human experience

– To get to know different learning methods

– To share and receive

– To improve yourself



Marco Girella – Italy

♥ My dream is to travel all over the world, as much as possible.

✈ You can meet very important people and you are obliged to go out of your comfort zone so you develop in this way. It is the best way and sometimes the only way.



Eleonora Tahova – Bulgary

♥ What Happiness is – a house full of the people I love. I dream for a good family and children.

About my job: to be a successful journalist, to do useful things for the society throw my work, especially for the children. I also want to travel a lot in many places and have enough time to do this.

✈ Because the non-formal education is the best way for me to know new things, to meet new friends, to know more about other culture, to improve my english.

Eli was so nice because in a letter that I’ve found in my special envelope she said that she enjoyed the white cheese -> Delaco. We had a lot of cheese so we gave them in breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Carlos Machado – Portugal

♥ My dream is to participate in organizations that help to improve society.

✈ Because of the chance of knowing different cultures and learning that there are more things that bring us together than those that divide us.




Nicky Panzera – Italy

♥ My dream life is to be a person that works in a chemistry laboratory.

✈ Because they are very funny and you can learn important things for your life.




Vicky Arvaneti – Greece

♥ My dream is to finish my studies and start working in the financial field in one of the Big Four so I would have the opportunity to understand if I want to continue to work in the finance. For sure independently for what I am going to do for a living I want to live in many different countries, to meet and understand people, to help and to be helped from them.

✈ First of all because of the people that can change your life with every gesture and discussion, even by looking they can wake up something in you. You can see many places to feel the difference of the country and how the locals act and behave in their everyday life.

You can’t learn things that you are going to learn in the university or in private lessons but you develop your personality, you can learn how to be more independent and strong because you are going to be in a new country with strangers. You are going to develop the skills of team work and communication you can start opening yourself and be prepared to share personal things and in such a short period of time to be so close to people that in the begging they were only strangers.


Paulo Cardoso – Portugal

♥ My dream job is to have an application that has managed to rise enough money for me to work only the necessary time for keeping up the application. The rest of the money I would want to waste half of my year to travel on a minivan with my friends.

✈ The most important thing for me is to get a recognition not only in my own country but also international. These exchanges destroy the barriers that create racism, phonophobia and instability in a society that could be a good environment for people.



Joao Moreira – Portugal

♥ Create a company about biotechnology, raise a family with the one.

✈ It’s a very good way of improving soft skills.



Marija Kavrakova – Bulgary

♥ My dream life is full of challenges and adventure. I am surrounded by good people and enjoy everyday life.

✈ I recommend young people to meet different cultures because this opens their horizons. They see many common things with people from different religion or way of living. It is enriching to share ideas in the intercultural community.



Gabriel Daradici – Romania

♥ I have a lot of dreams and the one that can accomplish the others is to become an entrepreneur. It will give me freedom and money to fulfill my goals. Also I can see the technology is taking over the world and this is not a bad thing, but it will have a big impact on the humanity. A lot of jobs will be replaced by technology and it will be a crisis of unemployment. So my dream life is to make a system to help people to overpass this problem. I want to develop a business plan that will resolve this kind of problem. And this is my introduction to the next question.

✈ I recommend youth exchanges because this kind of project help youngsters to pass this crisis. The education is very important for this kind of changes and non-formal education will prepare them to adapt. They learn to communicate, to work in teams, to take risks, to be leaders, to get feedback, to be creative, to explore their talent and to build a good attitude! Those things will not be replaced by a machine or artificial intelligence. Those skills are essential for the future when the technology will do the “boring work”. I hope that you to realized how different they are. They are coming from different places, culture, economic, political and everything you can imagine, their dreams are almost unique and they can manage to stay in the same place, respect each other and realize beautiful projects together.



I heard a gossip that in other projects the participants don’t learn a lot of things because the responsible people are not doing their job so well. I don’t know if this is true or not. I am just really happy that I was lucky enough to be in these two projects which have been coordinated by Asociacion Deses-3 from Medina del Campo, Spain and one of our trainers to be Stefi Tudorache. They are making a great team together and it is easy to realize that they are doing this because of their dreams, principles and love for the youngsters. Work hard, play hard, 100% involved. Thank you for being you!

The host have been Associação ReativaTe. Thank you for your hospitality!

The Romanian Association who sent us in “Opportunity” (Portugal) was Initiative Sociale. Thank you for believing in us!

The one who sent us in our first project “Feedback is coming” (Spain) was D.T.C – Dare to take your change. Thank you for showing us the way!

Thank you, Erasmus + and European Comission for supporting organizers to realize all these beautiful things.

Thank you very much for reading till the end.

Maybe one day we’ll be in the same team!



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